About Jayme  

Jayme believes if you have a gift or something that is easy, you are obliged to pass it on because if you can help someone, you should. 

Jayme has been helping people change for over 30 years and is an expert in circuitry intelligence.  She builds upon a foundation of advanced methodologies to orchestrate an inner journey of yourself to achieve calm, and balance through your nervous system. As a certified Neuro-Sculpting Facilitator, she uses various healing and therapeutic techniques to help you understand “Who You Are”.

Jayme helps people to master their emotions and enhance their resiliency to become the best version of themselves. Many ailments are due to lifestyle choices.  By becoming reflective and conscious of our conditioned behavior, we can break cycles and patterns and introduce new ones, if we desire to evolve and continue in the direction of our life's purpose.

Jayme is a Certified E-RYT 500+ who incorporates varied approaches including Hands on Healing, Ayurvedic techniques, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, and she is a NSF (Neuro-Sculpting Facilitator).  She is a life long learner who continually grows her toolbox in service of her clients. 

Together We Will Create 
An Opening For Spiritual Freedom 
And A Journey Into The Liberating Power 
Of Direct Awakening



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