Now, more than ever, we can use foundational skills to create healing relationships of safety, connection and satisfaction for ourselves and our planet.                                                                                           Our lives depend on our capacity to center our deepest truth, create grounded and resonant relationships and release traumas of every day life. Reclaim our love, faith, courage, and hope.                          Our greatest ally in accomplishing all of these tasks is our very breath.

Learning to harness conscious breathing, we supercharge our capacities with a sense of purpose and gratifiation.

Maximize your skill to tune into you're deeper truth with these guided steps below:

In a resting position, give yourself a moment or two to investigate these questions:

Where is the location of your Breath   Where is it most noticeable?  Do not miss and value what is in front of you to feel.  Slowly rotate your palms up away from your hips.

Origin of the Breath  Just as an explosion or earthquake has an epi-center that scientist can locate, your breath has an epic heart-center too.  Notice the silent pulse of where                                        the movement of your breath begins.

Frequency of the Breath  What am I noticing? What do I already know about the rate of my breath as I listen to my body?  Receive information from a personal vibrational point of view.               Using the changing state of your body as a barometer.  Is it fast or slow?  Or somewhere in between?    12 to 14 breaths per minute is considered a normal rate

Phrasing of the Breath  As you feel into your breath, is there an noticeable difference between the length of the inhalation and exhalation? Are they equal?

Texture of the Breath  Is the texture of your breath smooth and even or is it jerky and erratic?

Depth of the Breath   Does the breath feel deep and expansive or shallow?  Without trying to make your breath more impressive during this question, it might be quite appropriate                              for your breath to be quiet in this rest position.

Quality of the Breath  If you could describe the quality of your breath what word would come to mind question mark is it pneumatic, labored, billowing, hasty, random, like a prisoner inside             your ribcage or is it deep, profound, heavy, immeasurable, far down… let descriptive words or images arise without altering them in anyway.  Is their quality of being thick and dense or light and airy?           Do you have any images that you associate?

Now  completely relax and allow your body to melt and let go or dissolve your self into a quantum land or space.  As if space and time just disappear.  Focusing your attention back to your breath,                      noticing it may have changed but it is still breathing you.  Taking a few minutes to let yourself rest before rolling over on your side and sitting up.

The purpose of the inquiries are not to arrive at a conclusion but to get a general sense of how you breathe.



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