You're Invited To A Mindfulness Adventure

Join us in a retreat to increase personal empowerment and transform old self-limiting patterns for lifelong healing. In a safe, slow approach, jayme will work with your whole brain to prime your mind, body and spirit for a complete healing experience.

Sharing insights to balance and heal, you will be guided through her reflective neuroplastic meditation and yoga with long lasting luscious holds, beautiful breath work, awareness meditation and neuro-shaping to boost potentialities.

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Sometimes the most powerful healing and growth come from getting away from your normal routine and immersing yourself in travel, great food, new cultures and a facilitated healing process.

Jayme facilitates global retreats that create healing and community. 

She will guide you through reflective Asanas with safe, long lasting holds, breath work, meditation and Neuro Sculpting.

Interview with colleague in Rishikesh, India



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