Services Overview

Many ailments are due to lifestyle choices and can be healed or prevented.  When we become conscious of our conditioned behavior or habits, we can break patterns while introducing new ones that serve us better.  Through this work we uncover and clarify our Life’s Purpose.


1.    Balance Brain Hemispheres
2.    End Insomnia with Sleep Coaching
3.    Emotional Education
4.    Therapeutic Life Mentoring
5.    Professional Mentoring
6.    Breath Training
7.    Awareness IQ Priming
8.    Neurosculpting Meditation
9.    Neurogenics
10.   Body Listening
11.    Body Reclaiming
12.  The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe
13.  Sense of Safety, mutuality and belonging
14.  Shift Perspective and Revise Your Focus
15. Trauma~ Sensitive Yoga
16.  Alternate Interventions 

Each Session is $120.00 and last 1.5 hours

$ 80.00 per hour  (however 1.5 hours is recommended)

Cash or check is preferred or click the link below to Pre~pay 



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Greenwood Village CO 80111



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