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“Jayme is my guardian angel”…. She set my life on a new course and recalibrated my mind and body priorities.
What she does is not at all superficial ---- it is very deep and requires passion, energy, and honesty.” ~ T.R.

If you actively practice Yoga or if you have taken Yoga Classes (my past experience), you will probably agree that there is nothing that is even close to working one on one with a skilled instructor. This would be especially true if you had a teacher as experienced and dedicated as Jayme. The focus and attention to detail is unmatched. It is not only physical but spiritually transformative-and bridges the shadow between knowing about something and true understanding. It is always difficult to accurately describe an experience. You can never really capture the essence with words-but since words are all I have, here is what I would say about my recent instruction:
Energizing, Healing, Caring, Loving, Transforming, Connected, Cathartic, Elevating, Physical, Relaxing and Mindful.
You owe it to yourself! ! ~ Bob

Working with Jayme has been very exceptional and made a significant impact on me. She is excellent at her trade and offers a tremendous opportunity for you to come to grips with what is holding you back. Very caring and compassionate about who we are and what we’re going through. I highly recommend checking her out! ~ Paul

The main benefit I took away was the quieting of my mind and reconnecting with myself. It helped with the way I connect with my wife and calmed my anxieties about the things I can't control. Mostly mental, but the neuro vascular massage was an instrumental part of being able to get to that place. I could have used another 4 hrs of it! ~ Nick

Inspiration is delivered or derived through intangible means. The human element & human spirit that motivates us, encourages us, & connects us to the greater good is the pathway to inspiration. Jayme is the alchemy of compassion, mindfulness, & kindness who delivers an artful sense of well being through her presence. Comfort is the place we all seek. How we not only achieve comfort, but sustain it; remains the mission. It is this special blend of energy that Jayme possesses which can be the conduit to sustaining comfort & receiving the light of inspiration. J Madden



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