Touch Therapy 

When was the last time you slowed down and got quiet enough to truly listen to your body?  Are you tolerating physical, emotional or mental pain and pushing it down, hoping it will go away on it’s own?

Jayme is a Healing Touch Practitioner and uses her intuition and heart centered approach to help you tune in to what your mind, body and spirit is longing for.  Through Jayme’s array of therapeutic techniques, sometimes unconventional, you will learn how to listen, respond, be grateful and tap into your body-mind’s natural ability to heal.

Through this process you are invited to slow down, find quiet and stillness and receive Jayme’s gift of healing.  This is a hands on approach that draws on aspects of massage and energy work although it is a unique experience for every individual based on their needs. Jayme believes you can reshape and recalibrate your intelligence system right down to your DNA. Wow!  Each Healing Touch session is focused not only on physical healing but also emotional, mental and spiritual concerns.  The goal is to move toward joy and increased clarity.

This service blends very well with Jayme’s individual hands on work and Neuro-recalibration practice, integrating multiple powerful modalities to heal, create awareness, balance and discover your life’s purpose.

From one of my current clients: “Jayme’s amazing gifts of intuition, compassion and fierce holding of my greatest potential and best self have been a tremendous support to me.  My experience of her hands on body work (Healing Touch) was powerful-  like a traditional massage but different in that her intuition guided her the whole way to address areas of physical and emotional tension.  Having her create a safe space for me to go inward and let go has been tremendous in my growth.”



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